Monthly Mission Spotlight

Monthly Mission Spotlight

Our July Mission

We began to visit the Pine Ridge Reservation in 2015. We then made some contacts and began to research individuals and organizations. When we returned that year we decided which organizations we would like to help. Our decision was based on the benefits these organizations provide and their interactions with native Americans.

We concluded that Oyate Teca Project, a youth Center based in Kyle, was one of these organizations. They provide activities for the youth and for families living in Kyle as they have a green house and are able to grow and sell their vegetables. They also have a sewing room where natives can create beautiful regalia for PowWow's. In the past, we have provided sewing machines and fabric for the sewing room and last year we provided a trimmer for their garden center.

We were able to visit Kevin Poor Bear through Carol Brown's cousin. Kevin Poor Bear is the artist, and when we visited him we found mulitple family members living under the same roof. help this family with their needs such as electric and heating bills. In the past we have provided gas cards for Kevin's family. Trish, Carol's cousin, is our liaison to Kevin Poor Bear and helps the family in many ways.

The Lakota Waldorf School is a unique teaching /learning program. Founded in 1993 with only one kindergarten class, Lakota Waldorf now serves Grads K-8 with the programs and activities needed to fulfill our mission to provide an education that prepares their students for the ever-growing complexity of the 21st century while also strengthening their cultural identity and native language skills. We were impressed with this school and their mission.

The last organization that touched our hearts was the Oglala Sioux Tribe Homeless Vets Shelter. They provide shelter to our veterans. We suport them with supplies that are not provided by the government. Items such as laundry detergent, toilet paper, Neosporin, these are items that the vets must purchase. 

This year I would like to add to our list the Floating Hospital in New York City. is an about face, but we have folks in our congregation who support this worth while organization. The Floating Hospital provides medical and dental services to the homelss in New York City. Carol Brown sews jumpers and our quilters are making baby blankets for them to give to the children of families that visit their facility. At Christmas, Candy Lane, is their way of seeing that the children of these families have the winter coats, hats and scarves to keep them warm and no child leaves the facility without choosing a gift. If you google the Floating Hospital you can find out all the programs they provide.

I would like to thank you all for your generous gifts in the past and my prayer is that with God's help and your help we can continue to support these organizations in the future.